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IV15 Russian VFD indicator similar to DM160
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panasonic RX CS700 playing
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Radio & Television Servicing “red books”. The volume numbers are not compatible between different sets, also later sets drop some of the earlier models.

The main alternatives are ERT and Trader sheets (start 1935 Models)

Two volume edition + box published 1951 or 1952, each with own index.

  1. I is Radio, approx 1946 to 52.
  2. II is TV, approx 1948 to 52.
  3. Box of  “blue prints”.

Four volume edition published perhaps 1953, index only in Vol IV, approximate divisions:

Some 1946 to 1952 models in earlier volume missing.

  1. I Radio only, approx 1946 to 52, not exact match to 1952 edition I
  2. II Radio only, approx 1952 to 53
  3. III TV only, approx 1948 to 52, not exact match to 1952 edition I
  4. IV TV only, approx 1952-53

Five volume edition published 1955, index in Vol V, approximate divisions:

  1. I Radio only, approx 1946 to 52, not exact match to 1952 edition I
  2. II TV only, approx 1946 to 52, not exact match to 1952 edition I
  3. III 1952-53
  4. IV 1953-54
  5. V 1954-55

Six volume set with index only in vol VI published 1958.

Vol I to II drop models  in I to III of earlier editions, vol III drops some models in III, IV and V.  No 1954-55 volume as the remaining models covered are split between III IV volumes. Quite a few Radio models 1946 to 1953 are dropped.

  1. I Radio only, approx 1946 to end of 52.
  2. II TV only, approx 1946 to end of 52
  3. III 1953-54, inclusive from start of 1953 to end of 1954, no 1952 models.
  4. IV 1955-56, inclusive from start of 1955. Copy of standalone 1956 published single volume, without index.
  5. V 1956-57. Copy of standalone 1957 published single volume, without index.
  6. VI 1957-58. Contains index for I to VI and some additional charts/booklets stuck behind rear board.

VII 1958-59 (own index) published as VII and also 1958-59 versions (Identical). From 1959-60 the volume Roman numerals not used.
IV to VII also sold without Roman Numerals as standalone volumes with integral index.

Comparing pages of the 1955-56 standalone edition, it matched EXACTLY (inc page numbers) the vol IV except for title page, binding and addition of index.

So “best” short selection is probably the 1955 set and then all individual volumes from 1955-56 upwards. Though some pre 1953 models are missing that are in the two volume 1952 Edition, e.g. Vidor CN354 (a Chanson series model, export version).

There are often useful articles at start of each volume and sometimes useful appendix.


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