Magic Eyes

These are mostly miniature Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) with an electrode (or several) to vary the size of a shadow according to signal level. One Magic Eye works in a similar way to a VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display), the DM70 / DM71. The DM160 and the similar Russian iv15 are not Magic Eyes, just VFD type indicators.

Commonly available Magic Eye valves (Tubes)

Also search for: Magisches Auge on eBay “worldwide”. Also note German speakers “Röhrenradio” = “Vintage Radio”

    6E1P, 6BR5, EM80


6E5S, 6E5G, 6G5G    

EM84, 6FG6, 6E3P 

  EM87-6HU6 EM87, 6E2

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